Repairing the Future of Queensland Workshop
Part one of the Making an Age of Repair Series

Read the Event book for Event 1 here: Making an Age of Repair: Event book 1
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‘What will Queensland look like in 2044?’

This event, the first in a three part series, aimed to open a dialogue around social, cultural and environmental design for our local community.
Participants shared their views on the future of Queensland and contributed to their professional and personal development at this vanguard workshop event. They also learned critical design thinking approaches from expert design strategists and apply these new skills in developing ideas about how to repair the future of Queensland.

Participant will collaborate closely with experts in education, community, business, architecture, planning and more to develop key opportunities for action in these areas.

Participating experts include:
Tom Allen – Sustainable Design
Kalindi Brennan – Educator
Caroline Brooks – Educator
Professor John Cole – Economist
Brian Feeney – Community campaigner
Professor Jim Gall – Architect
Nicole Gibson – Mental Health advocate
Bianca Goebel – Youth advocate
Nichola Hungerford – Environmental campaigner
Mara Quinn – Sustainable Infrastructure advocate
Virginia Rigney – Cultural Development
West End Community Association – Social cohesion

Supporting moderators include:
Dr Peter Hall—Design Researcher and Educator
Nora Kinnunen—Design Researcher and Educator

About the Making an Age of Repair Series
The aim of this series is to understand these future challenges of  Queensland and design future scenarios with these challenges in mind. Read more about the event series here

Event 1: reflected on the past and present to start imagining different versions of the future.

Event 2: will begin to design projects that can be implemented now to get us to the futures imagined in Event 1 and will be held on 10 October 2015.  Find more details about that event here

Event 3: will focus on the implementation of the projects developed in Event 2 and will be held toward the end of 2015