Making an Age of Repair: Queensland

Read the Event book for Event 1 here: Making an Age of Repair: Event book 1
Read the Event Book for Event 2 here: Designing the now : Event book 2
Read more about event Event 3: Implementing in Time

About the Event Series
A three part event series designed with the recognition that current future plans for Queensland are not sustainable and do not
address the future challenges that Queensland will experience . The aim of this series is to understand these future challenges and design future scenarios with these challenges in mind. Design will then be used to develop projects that are implementable in the present and will lead us towards alternative futures that confront future challenges through adaptation, mitigation and redirection.

Event 1: reflected on the past and present to start imagining different versions of the future.
Event 2: will begin to design projects that can be implemented now to get us to the futures imagined in Event 1.
Event 3: will focus on the implementation of the projects developed in Event 2.