Repairing the Future of Queensland:
Implementing in Time
The final part of the Making an Age of Repair Series

‘How do we implement projects that get us to the futures we want for Queensland?”

Redirective Practice’s third and final event in the Repairing the Future of Queensland series will guide participants from the local community through a process that begins to tackle this task.

In Event 1, local community members worked together to develop six design fictions about the future of Queensland. In event 2, these ideas were turned into design briefs

In the third and final event, participants will choose one of these design briefs as a focus and will work in small groups with the Redirective Practice team to implement projects that lead to desired futures. Projects may take the form of events, objects, campaigns, toolkits and many more.

The 3 key projects that are to be carried forward into implementation in this event are:

Project 1—A Fruitful Investment
DIY garden boxes that would encourage people to try their hand at growing their own plants and transform their relation to food and the natural world.

Project 2—Cultivating Our Community
A project to create a space for sharing between marginalised groups that recognises the positive psychological impact of facilitating community development around a common goal.

Project 3—Incremental Education
A plan to implement an incremental set of actions starting with engaging like-minded individuals to start a youth learning pop-up centre in re-purposed community spaces.

N.B We kindly ask that you indicate which of the projects you would like to work on when selecting your ticket type on the eventbrite site

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Designing the now : Event book 2

What you’ll do & learn

Participants will be taken on a journey through a process of prototyping, development and planning. Each group will be assisted by a design mentor to help design a project for their key focus area. Participants will then get the opportunity to present their ideas to an industry professional to receive advice and feedback on their concept.

After iterating their idea based on the critique they received, each group will then create an implementation plan for turning their idea into action!


About the Making an Age of Repair Series
The aim of this series is to understand these future challenges of  Queensland and design future scenarios with these challenges in mind. Read more about the event series here