Repairing the Future of Queensland:
Designing the Now
Part two of the Making an Age of Repair Series

Read the Event Book for Event 2 here: Designing the now : Event book 2

‘What do we need to design now to get to the futures we want for Queensland?’

Redirective Practice’s second Repairing the Future of Queensland event will guide participants from the local community through a process that begins to answer this question.

In Event 1, local community members worked together to develop six design fictions about the future of Queensland. After choosing one of these fictions as a focus, participants will work in small groups with the Redirective Practice team to design projects that can be implemented now and that will lead to these imagined futures. Projects may take the form of events, objects, campaigns, toolkits and many more.

The key focus areas developed in the first event include:

  • Aged care
  • Agricultural practices
  • Community identity
  • Food production
  • Education
  • Rising sea levels

What you’ll do & learn
Participants will be taken on a journey through ideation, selection of projects, prototyping and development. Each group will design a number of projects that have the potential to get us to their selected future and that will redirect, adapt to or mitigate the future challenges Queensland is facing.

Event 3 will then focus on the implementation of these designs.

At a Glance
Date: Saturday 10th October
Time: 9.30-13.00
Place: Reverse Garbage, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

*A big thank you to Reverse Garbage for kindly allowing us to use their wonderful venue for this event.

About the Making an Age of Repair Series
The aim of this series is to understand these future challenges of  Queensland and design future scenarios with these challenges in mind. Read more about the event series here

Event 1: reflected on the past and present to start imagining different versions of the future.Read more about the first event here
Read the Event book for Event 1: Making an Age of Repair: Event book 1

Event 2: will begin to design projects that can be implemented now to get us to the futures imagined in Event 1 and will be held in October of this year.
Read the Event Book for Event 2 here: Designing the now : Event book 2

Event 3: will focus on the implementation of the projects developed in Event 2 and will be held toward the end of 2015